Eva Lepold

concept | performance | dance

Eva Lepold is based in Vienna. She studied languages, linguistics, dance, and theater sciences in Vienna and Manchester.

Since 2000 she has focused on Butoh and expressive dance, and studied and worked with various performers and directors including Ko Murobushi (Japan), Minako Seki (Germany/Japan), Yumiko Yoshioka (Germany/Japan), Kanazawa Butoh Kan (Japan), Sumako Koseki (France/Japan), and especially Kazuko Kurosaki (Austria/Japan).

She has developed her own style, influenced by Ankoku Butoh (dark Butoh) and contemporary performance approaches involving conceptual, textual and visual art. She has been working as a performer in dance, performance art, and physical theatre with various directors, and has staged many of her own concepts.

Since 2011 she is also free member of the Loco:motion Cie. based in Prague focusing on physical theatre and was part of the Czech premiere of the 2000 Nobel price winner’s Gao Xingjian The Other Shore.
Since 2013 she is part of AIKO Cie. and currently she is forming with her long-time partner Monika Bauer transformotion cie.

At the same time, she stages her ideas on paper – working with text and illustrative arts, such as comics. 2011 Lappan published Xmess, based on her visual and textual concept, together with the cartoonist Miguel Fernandez.

Currently she is focusing on voice and working on a singer-songwriter project | Fruit & Flower.